Friday, December 7, 2012

Harper's Quest: Solutions for ADHD

December 6, 2012

4 1/2 year old, with ADHD

My mind has been clouded with the thoughts of my 4 1/2 year old daughter lately. She has ADHD and my husband and I are looking for answers for her. We have been struggling with her behavior lately and no form of discipline seems to work when she has these outrageous tantrums. Just to name a few things she does is hit, push, scream, scratch and any form of discipline seems to escalate her behavior, not make it better. 
We do not want to put her on Ritalin or aterol to control her symptoms but something has to be done. I have always wanted to do things more naturally and so we are on a quest of finding solutions for her. 
We have found a doctor in Michigan by the name Dr. Picard and he is based in Shelby Township, Michigan. I had a consultation with him on Tuesday to discuss Harper and her beahavior, diet, and so on. The next step is to get her screen to see if she qualifies for the type of treatment he does. Her appointment is tomorrow at 10a.m. and he said he will be able to find out in 20 minutes into the screening if this is something for her. He explained to me that food has a lot to do with our health and certain foods will affect the brain. Some foods are good for the brain and some will destroy the brain cells, thus altering her brain and making imbalance. This is when she gets the adhd symptoms. Her brain is not working to its optimal level. 

November 7, 2012
Update! Harper saw Dr. Picard today and I think it went well. He did some exercises with her that showed she prefers the left side of her body, which means she favors her left eye, left hand and left ear. But when he asked her to kick the ball, she used her right foot. This is when he told me that she should have used her left because that is what her brain wants to favor (left side) and this is where her brain is giving mixed signals because she used her right foot. Bingo! Found something. He said that we have to do some more testing and that things might be more metabolical and not neurological so we will have to see. I'll keep you updated with her treatment and what helps. I know other parents with children who have adhd will want to know their options besides going right to the drugs for their child. Plus, most doctors will not prescribe drugs like ritalin until their 6 years old. We need help with her now!

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