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Helping ADHD Sufferers: Neurocore

Finally, there may be scientific evidence for children and adults who suffer with adhd. This science records brain waves and helps determine what is actually going on inside the brain of somebody with adhd.
I can't wait to get started with my daughter Harper. We start in October because we are waiting for our health insurance to kick in. I am so excited about this and I have high hopes! Watch the videos on their website. They have some great inspirational success stories!
This is another step in the right direction! 
Level 1 ADHD Support for Children 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Symptom Free of ADHD

Harper’s Nutritional Program
Symptom Free 

{ A 90 Day Challenge }

Goal: To become symptom free of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
The Challenge: Shaklee Supplementation Program, Good Diet and Non-Toxic Household Environment

Thousands of kids, teens and adults with learning, inattention, concentration or hyperactivity issues have had great results from this supplementation program, when coupled with good diets and non-toxic household environments.

How to Start the Nutritional Program

A Healthy Brain for Optimal Learning
(revised from Laura's post on

It is important for parents to list both small and large symptoms before starting. The smaller ones will disappear first, following the worst ones. Listing symptoms before starting allows you to recognize the progress being made. Major difference should appear in 3 months. Some say you need a month for each year of a child’s age (7 year old in 7 months).

 Free Printable: Child’s Symptom Sheet {here}.

After 3 months, you might start adjusting some dosages.

Keep records of changes. Make a contract with the child. You can make it a reward system with the child to help them stick to their vitamin supplementation program. Call them “Space Age Food” or “Food Capsules” for 90 days without complaint and they can earn a reward. If the child has trouble swallowing tablets, have him put one in his mouth and then drink through a straw. It will go down. If necessary, tablets can be ground in a coffee grinder, blender, pill crusher or mortar and pestle and mixed with soy drink or soft food like applesauce. Capsules can be pricked and squirted into food (Essential Omega 3/EPA would have a taste).

 Keep the blood sugar balanced during the day with a high protein breakfast (Soy/Slim Plan), with fiber and Bs, and then some protein at lunch. A protein snack will help get through homework. Try another soy drink (warm the creamy cocoa and call it hot chocolate!) or here is a high protein recipe.

 “Power Balls” Recipe
 1 Cup Energizing Soy Protein, any flavor
1 Cup Peanut Butter
1 Cup Honey
¼ Cup Fiber Crunch or Fiber Blend

Make into balls, roll over fiber crunch to coat, and then put in freezer. Kids love them!

Supplements and foods all work together. Decrease processed foods (candy, soda, foods with preservative and colorings, sugar-laden cakes and cookies, etc.) Instead use wholesome foods like fresh fruit, raw vegetable, whole grain products (or better yet, Gluten Free products including cereals, breads and pasta.) Try to stay away from juices and soda.
 Find a professional who can identify food sensitivities or allergies. Investigate the possibility of yeast overgrowth. Drink plenty of filtered water. You can encourage your child to drink lots of water by buying him a special cup or water bottle (preferred glass so you are not reintroducing chemicals back into the body from the plastic water bottles.)

Make sure there is adequate fiber in the diet (whole grains, veggies, and fruit). Between fiber and water there should be at least one good bowel movement per day to avoid re-absorption of toxins. You can take charge of your child’s health!  

6. Supplementation Schedule

NOTE: It is very important that Shaklee vitamins are used! You will not get the same results with other brands. This is from my experience of using Shaklee supplements for the last 3 years.  

Starter plan for average sized 8 year old

Start with a three day cleanse using ½ tablet Herb-Lax the first night, increasing to 1 the second night and 1 ½ for the third. Continue at 2 until two good bowel movements in a day, in order to remove toxins and increase absorption. Increase water and fiber to keep things moving. The following schedule is only a guide. Everyone is different. Sometimes whatever way it manages to get in daily is the “right” way.

 2 Children’s chewable multi per day,
-1 at breakfast and 1 at dinner

1 serving in morning, plus as a high protein snack after school
Or Energizing Soy Protein

Helps stabilize the blood sugar, improves concentration and provides consistent energy. The Soy Mix has a natural flavor and no sugar and less than 1 g of carbs! It mixes easily with lots of foods for drinks and cooking and baking. The Energizing Soy Protein comes in natural vanilla or creamy cocoa and mixes with soy/rice milk, if you are trying to avoid milk, or with fruits & juices. The Slim Plan Gold is balanced between carbohydrates, protein and fiber. Provides 12 grams of protein from soy.

4-6 per day, spread out over the day
 Lecithin is brain food. High stress of these kids eats
 up the lecithin during the day.
Important for concentration

1 per day, at breakfast or before homework
(Vita Lea has some zinc)
Concentration can increase right away.
A mood leveler plus builds immune system.

*GLA & EPA 2 to 3 spread out over day- a good balance
 Is 2 EPA (Essential Omega 3) to 1 GLA
 Essential fatty acids balance hormones and feed the brain.
Studies show effectiveness.

*CAL/MAG 2 to 4 per day
(Depending on diet) spread out over meals & bedtime
Calcium reduces stress. Magnesium relaxes brain, nerves and muscles.

*B COMPLEX 2 to 4 per day
1 at breakfast, lunch, after-school snack, and supper
Balances blood sugar throughout the day, along with protein and fiber.
Aids metabolism of foods. Stress depletes B. Helps with anxiety,
 Irritability, alleviates sugar cravings, promotes normal growth. 1 B just at bedtime sometimes helps those who wake up cranky but if taken 15 minutes before sleep, it can keep them awake!

 A rule of thumb for how much B for hyperactivity: “If the urine is
yellow, she is mellow”. It is water-soluble and lasts 3 to 4 hours, so
 needs replenishing.

*OPTIFLORA (acidophilus)
1 pearl per day with powder

Add as Needed:

*VITA C 500
1 per day or equivalent 5 chewable 100mgs
spread out over the day.

*IBC Immune Building Complex
1 per day for help with immunity, allergies, detoxification
and environmental sensitivities.  

 1 or 2 per day
 One child while he was on the program without the Valerian said he
could get through most of the day without becoming “thrown” anymore
(stressed, anxious), unless there was a disruption of schedule. Adding
The Valerian got him through the disruptions as well.

3 per day, 2 at breakfast and 1 before homework
For mental alertness, memory, concentration

Increase concentration, reduce distractions,
calm anxiety in stressful situations


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