Friday, October 26, 2012

A New Kind of Framing Company

Life Framed Beautifully.

My Etsy shop, Chasing Fireflies, will be opening soon in November! I will be offering handpainted frames that can be custom made to your paint color choices or you can buy RTS (ready to ship) frames. I can't wait to share these with you! Please join my blog so you can be on the up and up when my shop opens. 

Etsy shop will include an Home Organization section that will help keep you organized in style!
  • Chalkboard Frames
  • Whiteboard Frames
  • Calendar Frames
  • Menu Planning Frames
Sample of one of our calendars that can be framed
 in any style Chasing Fireflies 11x14 Frame. 

I will also be offering beautiful miniature frames that will be great for your Christmas tree or can make a great Christmas gift! 

Stay Tuned!!!


  1. I just came across your blog and wanted to say hello. I'm a homeschooling mama who lives in Sequoia National Forest. I am very into healthy stuff and will explore your site more often. I invite you to visit my blog of homeschooling/kids projects etc. if you have the time and interest. Have a wonderful day!

    1. That's awesome! Where is Sequoia National Forest exactly? I love Shaklee and also am a distributor for their products so if you are ever interested in purchasing or have questions about their products please let me know! I don't have a website but you can call me. I will visit your site too!


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