Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Home Organization 101: Kids Closets

Xavier Levi's Closet

The first closet I tackled was Xavier's closet. (The girls were next) It is part of the nesting phase probably, plus, I am so excited about having a boy that I couldn't  wait to organize all the boy clothes in his closet. I love looking at all his cute outfits. It feels so surreal that he is coming so soon! Only 8 more weeks till this little guy is here. 

I never thought that I would like the kids clothes in the closet. I was more of a dresser girl, but belive me, when I had no choice but to use their closets (because their rooms are too small to hold a dresser), it is the best decision I ever made! I never realized how easy it is and how much more organized the kids clothes are now. I can see the outfits more clearly. They don't tend to get all botched up in the dresser or unfolded. 

So here is the big reveal of Xavier's closet. 
Simple, organized, clean. 

The Giraffe bin and the Polka bin that you'll see on the bottom we got from Babies R Us. Super cute to hold baby clothes. 

Here are some of his adorable outfits that Grandma Jan bought for Xavier. Clothes are from Janie & Jack, Babies R Us, Gap, Kohl's and a few Mom2Moms Sales.

The solid color bins are Martha Stewart from Home Depot. They were only $7 if I remember correctly. Very affordable and cute! There are a lot of colors to choose from, as you'll see in my daughters room and mine. 

This is a cute basket that I got a long time ago. Not sure where, but I decided to use it for Xavier's bath time supplies. I have his Shaklee baby shampoo, massage oil and baby wash cloths in here. 

If you are interested in buying Shaklee's baby line of products, which are all natural and super safe for baby, they are currently unavailable because they were looking for a new supplier to provide the healthiest ingredients and it took them a while to find one. Good news is, they finally did, and the Shaklee Baby products supposedly will be available again in January 2013!

Adorable bins. :)

 His cute outerwear jackets- snowsuit, rain jacket and a couple of winter coats. 

His cute wardrobe that I have to keep looking at. :) 

Here is the full view of his closet. 

Tah-dah! Easy, neat and organized. I just love it! 
Thanks for viewing!

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