Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Struck By Lightning

The Testimony of Gloria Polo

When Gloria Polo was younger, she often lied to her mother saying: "If I am lying to you, let me be struck by lightning " On May 5, 1995, she was indeed struck by lightning! 

Gloria Polo, a dentist from Colombia, South America, was brought up in the Catholic faith. As a young adult, however, she rejected Catholic teaching, underwent an abortion, counseled other women to have abortions, practiced contraception, denied Satan's existence, and neglected her family. After being struck by lightning, her soul left her body and she found herself on the precipice of hell itself. 

Don't miss her amazing story! Jesus told her that she must give her testimony, not just a thousand times, but a thousand times a thousand. Dr. Polo's work has the blessing of the Bishop of Armenia, Colombia, and she is supported by her Spiritual Director. The story of her life has been published in a book called "Struck by Lightning." 

Dr. Gloria Polo

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