Thursday, September 20, 2012

Home Organization 101

I have joined Toni Hammersley's Home Organization 101: A 14 week program to a perfectly organized home. I am super excited to do this, because living in a small rental house, it is a must to keep all rooms clean and organized at all times in order to feel relaxed. With a little boy due in December, I better get started! 

14 Week Challenge

Week 3:
 The Pantry

So this weeks challenge over at "A Bowl Full of Lemons" is the pantry. We rent a small house in the city that does not have a big open pantry. Darn. But, I did figure a way to categorize and label my food, in the small pantry that we do have.
 So take a look and see what is possible with very small spaces! 

So there you have it! Our very small pantry! We do have a basement where we have a wire rack. We place all extra food storage down here including canned food, extra cereal, peanut butter, pasta etc. 

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  1. Great job! I love a great pantry redo!

  2. Looks great! I have a tiny pantry too (although it is super deep) so I had to do a reorganize and get creative too. It feels so good...

  3. Thank you! I will check yours out!


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