Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Home Organization 101

I have joined Toni Hammersley's Home Organization 101: A 14 week program to a perfectly organized home. I am super excited to do this, because living in a small rental house, it is a must to keep all rooms clean and organized at all times in order to feel relaxed. With a little boy due in December, I better get started! 

14 Week Challenge

Week 1:

Hand Soap and dish soap is placed in a wire holder, which
was originally given to me as a gift with shampoo.
Reuse. Recycle.

New motto is to keep kitchen counters clear of mail and
junk, opening up smaller kitchens like ours, giving
 it a cleaner look.

Continuing with counter and table free of clutter.

At the end of the counter is a dish washer that rolls when
we are ready to use it. We use this for more counter space
when not washing dishes. 

The white organizing bin at the end is from Pottery Barn.
Great to organize mail, pens, scissors, markers and more.

I keep my green cleaning supplies under the kitchen
sink. These are all natural cleaners you can purchase {here}.

I organize my vitamins next to the bowls and plates
 for easy access. You can learn more about the vitamins
I take to the right, in Nifty Nutrition Tips! You can also
visit my independent distributor site {here}.

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  1. can u get those green cleaner's in stores?

    1. Unfortunately, they are not available in stores and only can be purchased through a Shaklee Distributor. You are welcome to purchase them on my distributor site. Just copy and paste url:


      They do offer a 100% money back guarantee!


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