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31 Days Of How To Shakleeize Your Home:: Day 9

October 9 , 2012  
DAY 9: Enfuselle C+E Repair P.M. 
*This is the ninth post in a series: 31 Days of:: How to Shakleeize Your Home. 
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Shaklee's Enfuselle C+E Repair P.M.

I am going to love this part of my 31 Days Of... because I get to talk about beauty products now! Shaklee's C+E Repair P.M.  is by far to me the most amazing product because of a few reasons. One of which, I am a woman, and like all women, we want to look our best! This product will have you looking your best. You will be getting compliments on your skin that you didn't think was possible. I know I did! You will have yourself raising your eyebrows when you look at your skin in the morning. It is amazing! 

(I personally use it on my scars as well and it works!) 

Shaklee's C+E Repair P.M. goes along with an entire kit called the Enfuselle Skincare System. Of course, you can purchase it separately if you run out or just want to try it out individually. 

I will talk about each product individually but today is about the P.M. Repair. 


Healthy young skin looks firm, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, giving skin bounce and resilient texture. Today your skin is exposed to significantly higher levels of UV radiation, which disrupts and damages the appearance of skin. Starting early in life, this damage starts to add up to create prematurely older looking skin — fine lines and wrinkles creep in, skin doesn't bounce back like it used to, becomes dull, and loses the softness and glowing
appearance of youth. Research shows that vitamins C and E boost the skin’s natural ability to protect itself against the visible aging effects of time and the sun. However, the Vitamin C in other products is destroyed by oxidation as the fragile vitamin is exposed to water and air, even while still in the package. The best form of vitamin C is pure ascorbic acid, which is extremely difficult to stabilize against this kind of oxidative destruction.


As part of the revolutionary Enfuselle Anti-Aging Skin Care System, C+E Repair P.M. works overnight to help boost your skin’s natural ability to repair its appearance:  

  • Skin-activated to protect vitamin potency. The patent-pending WATER-FREE formula of C+E Repair P.M. releases its nourishing benefits only when it comes in contact with the naturally occurring moisture in your skin.

  • Visibly firms to recapture youthful resilience. 10% vitamin C — Vitamin C and vitamin E are partners in antioxidant protection — and the ideal ratio of C to E is 2-to-1. Enfuselle’s exclusive, patent-pending delivery system provides an exceptionally high level of vitamin C to support skin’s natural defenses against UV-induced collagen breakdown. Restores the firm and glowing look of youthful skin without irritation.

  • Instantly creates lasting, silky softness. 5% vitamin E — The ideal proportion of derma-available vitamin E revitalizes skin texture for skin that feels silky soft immediately…and remains youthfully touchable even the next day.

  •  Evens skin tone and diminishes blotchiness. With continued use, your skin will appear luminously radiant and revitalized.

  • Specifically formulated for sensitive skin.


  • Anyone concerned about prematurely older looking skin.
  •  People facing increasing environmental challenges, such as commuting by car or bus, working at a computer or under fluorescent or halogen lights, living or working with smokers, spending time in the sun, even washing their face with tap water.
  •  People interested in a clinically tested, anti-aging skin care program with proven results.


  • In the evening, use after cleansing, toning, and applying Enfuselle Eye Treatment. Dot C+E Repair P.M. onto face and neck. Massage gently into skin until completely absorbed. Avoid eye area.

NOTE: Some people experience a mild tingling sensation after applying C+E Repair P.M. This feeling indicates that the derma-available vitamin C is penetrating the skin and beginning to confer its unique benefits. Using caution, and being sure to avoid the eye area, continue to use the product. Most people find that their skin adjusts after just a few days and the tingling sensation disappears. If discomfort continues for longer than a week, discontinue use.

Some amazing clinical results!

  • 199% decrease in the appearance of fine lines of the skin in four weeks
  • 154% increase in skin firmness and elasticity in four weeks
  • 49% decrease in the appearance of skin wrinkles in four weeks
  • A definitive evening of skin tone in 12 weeks

You can purchase Shaklee's C+E Repair P.M. lotion {here} at my Independent Distributor website. 

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