Saturday, October 6, 2012

Home Organization 101:: The Master Bedroom

Here is the Master Bedroom. We live in a very small rental home, So small, that our bedroom has no space for even a dresser. Our daughter only has a crib in her room so we put our dresser in there for the time being. 
I would like to get some cute bins and baskets and closet organizing essentials eventually, to store all of our clothes in our mega closet, that stretches across one whole wall. The closet will not be revealed until later on in the Home Organization challenge, so stay tuned! 


Before Pictures

Cleaned & Organized

I love this quilt that my husband and I got as a wedding gift.
 It has a very country home feeling. 

 I used this wicker basket to organize my books and store our remote controls. 

We got this at Hallmark. Just a beautiful reminder 
of a husband & wife's love for each other. 

I got this beautiful frame when my husband and I were on vacation.
 It says Family and at the bottom it reads
 "Yet Another Adventure". So true. 

I love how it turned out so nice and organized. I cleaned out the inside drawer too so there is only one a few things inside instead of being a junk drawer. I also know where my books are. No more thinking, Where is that book I was reading? 

Quilt from Bed, Bath & Beyond

I love our wedding portrait. It is a great reminder, 
among the chaos of having children, 
that things are always changing but one that 
stays the same is our love for one another.

This is our one wall that is just one long closet! I will reveal the inside during the closet challenge! 
{ Along with my kids closets, so stay tuned! }

This wall is our entertainment wall. We have our cable and dvd player set on a white wire rack. You can 
get this very inexpensively at Lowes or Home Depot. Our flat screen was on sale at Walmart. Our shelf on the wall only has the two statues. 

I love our wedding portrait. 
{ Love. }

Finally, all done! There is nothing under the bed. Yeah!!!
 { Just my laptop is under there, in its secure case.}
 All the clutter is gone! My #1 tip for cleaning and organizing your master bedroom, especially a small one, would be...
 Less is More! 

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  1. Wow I was wondering if that gorgeous quilt was handmade. It looks like a lovely light bedroom to retreat to. I see a few of your book titles that are worth reading.

  2. I received the quilt as a wedding gift from Bed, Bath & Beyond. That is why I love it! It does give you the feeling of it being handmade.
    The bedroom was actually painted a dark blue so we painted it a bright yellow to try and make the room feel bigger. It was the best idea! Thank you!

  3. Nice! It looks great all cleaned up and organized. I'm thinking of taking this challenge too!

  4. Hi there, I'm visiting you a year later as I'm perusing Toni's blog for organizing ideas and clicked on your link. (a bowl full of lemons) Very pretty quilt and nice job organizing. Wanted to mention I love the angel (?) statue on your nightstand with your rosary draped on it. The three main items on there look nice as they are similar colors, the lamp and statue balance each other, and they're a nice contrast against the beautiful wood of the mission-style table. :)


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