Wednesday, October 17, 2012

31 Days To Shakleeize Your Home:: Days 13-17

October 17 , 2012  
DAY 13-17: 
*This is the Thirteenth through the Seventeenth post in a series: 31 Days of:: How to Shakleeize Your Home. 
Check out all the posts {here}.

Okay, so I have been slacking a little on my "31 Days Of" challenge, sorry about that. There has been a lot going on, including trying to start a framing company that will be a subdivision of my newborn photography business, Daydreamers Photography. 

I will be posting my big reveal of my new Etsy shop, "Chasing Fireflies" opening soon in November! I wish it was sooner. I am very excited about sharing all my beautiful frames with you all! 

Become a Follower of my blog now, so you can see these amazing frames. You will want one in every room, I promise! 

So back to the challenge...

Shaklee CINCH

Since I have been slacking for 5 days, I am just going to talk about Cinch in this post, instead of individual products from Shaklee. 

So what Is CINCH ?

Cinch powered by Leucine™ is a revolutionary, healthy-weight management program formulated to help you:

• Break the yo-yo dieting cycle 

• Keep the muscle you have
• Burn fat you don’t need   
• Lose inches you don’t want

Did you know that increased muscle mass means higher metabolism? The Cinch Plan features leucine, a muscle-building amino acid found in protein-rich foods, and it’s the secret ingredient that helps you keep your muscle while you lose weight and inches.

You can check out success stories { here }.

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