Tuesday, October 2, 2012

31 Days Of How to Shakleeize Your Home:: Day 2

October 2, 2012     

DAY 2: Scour Off
*This is the second post in a series: 31 Days of:: How to Shakleeize Your Home. 
Check out all the posts {here}.

Shaklee's Get Clean SCOUR OFF
Suggested Retail Price: $8.50 { Member Price: $7.25 }

I love Shaklee's Scour Off because it smells sooo good! It is my favorite in the Get Clean line. It is made from cherry pits and is gentle on your hands. Have you ever been able to say that you use a good smelling cleaner to clean the grime out of your oven? Most cleaners, like Ajax with Bleach Powder cleanser and Comet with Bleach in the removal of kitchen grease and grime contain just that-bleach! Scour Off does not. So, what is it exactly?

It is a paste, so it doesn't form dust clouds and it cleans a lot of messes that is hard to get off, like food dye. I usually use this on the kitchen counters and table after we dye eggs for Easter. It works amazingly! 

It removes burnt-on food from your oven and you don't have to burn your nose hairs or feel your eyes watering while your doing it. 

  • Natural ingredients remove the toughest dried-on splatters and spills, burned-on grease, baked-on food, and sticky messes without hazardous chemicals or toxic fumes.
  • Scour Off is made from natural mineral abrasives and biodegradable cleaning agents. It does not contain chlorine, bleach, or dye.
  • Scour Off gently removes stains other cleansers can't and is great for cleaning tubs, ovens, sinks, and tiles.
  • It will even remove rust, and is great for cleaning these surfaces: copper, grout, cement, ceramic, and imitation marble.
  • Wide-mouth jar makes it easy to use.
  • Safe on a variety of surfaces, including ovenproof glass, stovetops, ceramic tiles, porcelain sinks, and baked enamel
  • non-toxic
  • natural abrasive (aka cherry pits!) 
  • no phosphates
  • biodegradable surfactants

To sum it all up, Shaklee's Scour Off is natural, safe, very affordable and it lasts for a long time. A little goes a long way. 

I use Shaklee's Scour Off for...

  • Bathroom Sink
  • Bathroom Bathtub
  • Kitchen Sink (shines chrome like crazy!)
  • Stove
  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • Anything that has rust
  • Removes of Food Coloring
  • Removes Kool Aid
  • Anything that is staining the table...markers, pens, etc
If you would like to purchase Scour Off please visit my website {here}.

Have you used Shaklee's Scour Off? 
Please share in the comments below for more ideas! 

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